Readdy to Play ‘list’

Having grown up with a family of musicians, I absolutely love music! Well, who doesn’t?! I just love how music can be powerful enough to trigger those wonderful thoughts and memories you’ve created enough to transport your mind back to those places in an instant….and all at the click of a ‘press play’ button hah!

So, I thought I’d make a collection of ‘Travel Tunes’ that have meant something to me along the way either because of the lyrics or just because I heard a particular song at a party in Oz or perhaps from over hearing ‘that’ tune blurting out from the speakers in the convenience store I found down an alley or maybe from hearing the gentle tones of a track singing to me from the radio waves of a taxi in Malaysia!

Wherever and whenever I’ve heard them, these songs will always seem to ‘freeze’ that particular moment in time for me as soon as I hit ‘Play’!

One of my ultimate favs HAS to be this one;

This is one of the tunes I’d play whilst taking off on a plane haha!

Well…just has to be in here haha!

Something I made myself!

Oh, and another ‘home made vid’ hah!

This one is in here because I heard it at the credits on the film Twilight which was on the telly in my hotel in Thailand!

And this one because I heard it on the radio in a cafe in Hunters Valley, Australia!

Of course, this HAS to be in here whilst day dreaming out of the window of a train! 😉

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