Hey, I’m not usually good at the ‘Tell me something about yourself’ bit but I guess you could say, I’m just an ordinary girl in and extraordinary world.

Day dreaming year upon year to travel and listening to the one person I loved telling me “You couldn’t travel…you wouldn’t be able to live without your make up or hair straighteners. It’s just a day dream”…”But don’t you think it’ll be exciting hitching the ride off an elephant down the road rather than a taxi?!!” I would reply! Or I would give in to that inner voice telling me ‘You don’t have the confidence or the courage to do something like that on your own..who are you kidding. You’ve never even caught a plane on your own!’ Eventually, I would tell my friends ‘I’m going to travel, I will do it one day, there has to be more to life than the usual 9 to 5 right?’ When really, I think they were becoming tired of me saying it and not doing it!

With the end of the relationship, a year and a half passed and things were getting back on track and going great! My confidence and independence began to bloom once more but just as life was straightening out, things went disasteriously wrong. Unexpectedly, I lost my dear Brother, my best friend. His life was a steal at the young age of 28. We were all so broken. Months passed and I was then evicted from my flat (as the landlady wanted to move back in). ‘Right, that’s it! Life is far too short as I have been shown..it’s time to do this’. With the help of my family and some fantastic friends (you know who you are), I quit my job and finally conjured up the courage to step out of my bubble to discover things I could only ever fantasize about in the accumilated piles of travel mags!

With only half a route mapped out, I purposely left the other half blank! Well, they say the best things are the unplanned things right? Excited yet petrified…it was time to embark on the adventure of my life! 😀


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Getting much more interesting!!! Loving it darl.

    • Thanks Danny! 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe to the new site as all my new postings will be going on there from now on 😀 xxx

  2. I did. Cant wait for more surprises from your writings. 😉

    • Thanks Danny…you might need to try it again as the follow button wasn’t working on the new site but it is now, YAY! Will be eternally grateful. Much love xxx

  3. My status is already… following. If I hit it again… It would be unfollowed. 😉

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