Subscribed to the new Through Helen Highwater yet? :D

All work and no play

New reader recruits wanted!

Hi my lovely readers….I need your help! Whilst the transition to my new site, well, carries on transitioning….I will need my current subscribers to kindly sign up again but to the new Through Helen Highwater page! Otherwise, you’ll miss out on any new updates to come! :p

Believe me, I have exciting ideas for the end of this year /next and who else will I have to rave all about it with haha…they’ll be tribes, jungles, trekking and probably more trekking! Also looking into doing some kind of energy healing work for the indigenous people in the midst of the amazon rainforests! Yeh yeh I know….you can take the girl out of Bali haha! I’m afraid I am having hippy withdrawals and I’m already itching to pull the Hippy Neil (from the Young Ones) back out of myself and find my imaginary dreadlocks once more…they need to be dusted off and unleashed and swooshed about again 😉 And you never know, there may be further unexpected Angelina / Indiana Jones moments, well, here’s hoping!

So log onto: and click on the Follow my travels button where you can virtually sneak into my invisible man and pretend you’re right there with me….

Thanks everyone! Can’t wait to get writing again :D


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