That Healing Feeling!

WOW! What an unbelievable few weeks! Since my last catch up, my days have been filled with healing, training and learning, releasing pent up grief and stale energies, growing physically and mentally and sharing this beautiful experience with the most wonderful, awe inspiring people I have ever met! And without sounding like a total hippy, this blog is by far going to be the most difficult to express to you all as a lot of what I experienced (along with my new friends), has very much been a beautiful and highly personal journey. But tell you what, I will continue to babble on as usual but just keep the personal revelations in my glittery trinket box…sound like a good deal? πŸ˜‰

XMEN clan (well, XWOMEN!)

So after my last blog, I decided to have a fairly chilled out week and pondered more about booking this Certified Spiritual Healers course that I had found in ‘Ubud Community Magazine’. After a few email liaisons with White Star, I just knew it was the course I was looking for and signed right up! I couldn’t wait to get started and in actual fact, I had a gut feeling that this was what I came to Ubud to do.

I negotiated a great deal on my transport for the week with Gaday (yes, it really does sound like G’day!) who works just outside my B&B and grabbed myself a note book and that was it, I was ready to go!

Day 1

Finally reaching day 1, I excitedly hopped onto the back of Gaday’s bike and headed for Bumi Resort where the next 7 days of training would begin!

Arriving early, I took my time to take in the serene surroundings of what was going to fast become familiar ground and oh my word it was just beautiful! The training was situated at the back of the resort, in the garden if you like and right next to the swimming pool! Underneath a large shaded area, there were 4 massage tables along with brightly coloured cushions, mats and blankets all neatly placed in their piles. Sounds of gentle water features whirling and birds singing their distinctive songs instantly added to the calm serenity of the place. Our visionary senses were treated to lush, green rice fields which seemed to carry on for miles and completed the perfect sense of tranquility. “Wow, what an idyllic place to train in!” I thought to myself. Walking back over to the shaded area, I could see a circle of 8 chairs…I knew then that this was to be my new group. I was quite excited that there were only 8 chairs actually because I was under the impression there would be around 40 / 50 of us so to see 8 chairs was a relief haha. So, I placed myself in one of the chairs and sat in a nervous, excited and anticipated state and waited to meet the group that fast became my new spiritual family!

The first person to arrive was Sonia, a beautiful woman from Perth, Australia. We introduced ourselves and immediately got chatting about the course and how we found it etc when suddenly a silver 7 seater pulls up delivering more fellow students.

Wow, everyone looked beautiful and radient and well, just like a lovely bunch of people! White Star (Lino) followed behind and immediately I was thinking, ‘Woah, there she is, the lady herself, the master!’. Lino was also joined by her husband Robert who was also to be one of our teachers for the week. Forming our circle, we all filled out the necessary paperwork etc and then got straight onto the introductions. I felt really nervous because we were taking turns in ‘doing the welcome speech’ and yep, in true Readders style I could feel my cheeks burning up when it was my turn haha! I instantly took a liking to everyone…such a mix of wonderful individuals! Doing a list is probably the easiest way I can introduce everyone to you;

Jodi: The earth mother / flower child who has a lot of love and powerful energy to give.

Joanie: (who I instantly felt calm around) A knowledgeable lady who holds such wisdom and compassion. Also very powerful.

Nea: An inquisitive and enthusiastic individual who is also a very talented crystal jewellery maker (and yes, we did all end up buying a huge bundle of stunning designs hehe)

Jenny: Gorgeous Irish girl who is also very powerful. Jenny has her own Mind, Body and Balance business. Very earthy too and usually found climbing the nearest tree haha.

Pauline: Another compassionate and enthusiastic lady who like myself, may have doubted her abilities in the beginning but she cured my Bali Belly within a day, I’m serious.

Lynne: A super cute Chinese lady who shared so much positive energy with us all. A sensitive soul with so much to give. Very powerful psychic in training!

White Star and Robert: Our teachers of course! The most wonderful people you could ever meet..they have so much time, patience and knowledge to give and never ever judge. They are rather inspiring teachers and manage to break difficult topics down and into ways that are easier to remember. They recognize each and everyone’s individual talents and help to build your confidence to realise your potential. They really are amazing and I highly recommend them should anyone also be looking into spirituality courses. What I also loved about White Star and Robert is just how much compassion they have for people and their love of wanting to help others…mix it up with their sense of humours too and you have the perfect team!

Wow, so that’s a very brief run through of the FAB new family I made haha. And I tell you what, it seriously felt like we were attending that school from XMEN, The School for the gifted and White Star was the bald headed professor haha.

So getting started, we were all given our manuals and began learning Cranio Sacral Therapy and Hands on Healing. Now I won’t go into all the details of how and what we trained in because I will be here forever haha so I shall just give you the brief idea.

Cranio Sacrel Therapy is working specifically with the energy on and around the skull and spinal fluids and helps improve a long list of aliments including: Migraines, sinusitis, depression, stress, whip lash, ear problems, brain injuries etc…and hands on healing is like reiki. So I picked up so many new ‘moves’ and treatments to use when I get back home. I loved it! What I also loved about the day is the amount of hands on work that we did. We were constantly changing partners which was great so not only could we get to know everyone but we could also practice on different aliments and techniques with each other.

When we were practicing, I did feel as though I couldn’t let myself go to start with but I tell you what, by the end of the week I was flying haha! Well, I think we all were in more ways than one πŸ˜‰

Day 2 – Time to ‘shake things up a little’

Back at my B&B on Monday evening, I was lying on my bed trying to catch up with facebook as well as watch movie clips on You Tube! (Well, there isn’t a TV in my room remember so I have to make my own entertainment). In the middle of watching new up and coming movie trailers, my bed started vigorously shaking! It was like a scene from The Exorcist! “What the?!” Hmm..maybe it’s the wind? But the curtains weren’t moving! I was so confused…how could the bed be shaking and nothing else be wobbling about? This bed is seriously heavy too, it’s a full on 4 poster, solid wooden framed bed that I even have trouble shifting sometimes just to reach the plug! Well…I hopped out of bed and turned the big light on straight away. It must have gone of for maybe 15 seconds which doesn’t sound long but when you don’t know what’s going on, it felt like forever! I messaged one of my friends back in the UK..’OMG, I think there’s a ghost in my room!’ It was as though someone was holding onto the headboard and shaking my bed back and forth and side to side haha! Well, I couldn’t sleep a wink after that! In the morning I was walking in to the class and met Nea at the entrance. “Morning, how are you? Omg, did you feel that earthquake last night?” Nea looked just as shocked as I did and she lives in Bali haha “No way! Omg, feel it, I nearly fell out of my bed hah, I actually thought there was a demon in my room!” “Haha! No way. Yeh, I could still feel the aftershocks!” Although feeling an earthquake is a frightening ordeal, I was also kinda relieved I could sleep with the light off that evening knowing that there wasn’t a demon in my room after all haha! My Dad actually found a link to a Bali news update and we found out the earthquake was recorded a 5.4 on the richter scale! I was told anything at 5.6 and above will cause the windows to wobble and fall out!! I feel very fortunate to have just felt the bed shaking and would rather not experience anything like this again…EVER!!

So day 2 of my training consisted of more cranio sacrel therapy work along with colour healing and working with the chakras. I love colour healing as that is how I currently treat people. I see all sorts of colours when I’m working on people so it was definitely ‘my bag’ But I learnt so much more along with the meanings of each colour…just fascinating.

Also, the funniest thing happened. We had a new guy join our classes for a few days too, a chinese guy called Andrik. I had actually brushed shoulders with Andrik a few days earlier when I was in the crystal shop in town! Well, I just had to ask him…”Um, were you in the cystal shop the other day?” I inquisitively asked….”Yes, I was! I remember you!” How funny. Later on that day, Andrik asked if I was ‘that girl from the Big Bang Theory’ hahaha…bless! I’m not sure which girl he meant but I took it as a compliment. I got to partner with him too and he is such an amazing healer.

I got to work with the lovely Jodi today but I actually made her cry, oops! But Robert said that was a great thing because the energy was helping her to release any stale energy that she may have been harbouring…so it felt nice to be able to help her πŸ™‚ Then when Jodi worked on me, I felt super happy for the rest of the day and right into the evening haha! I must have taken on some of her traits it felt wicked!

Day 3

Today we finished learning about Cranio Sacrel Therapy and also learnt how to clear negative energy from the body. Then later on in the afternoon, Robert taught us how to diagnose chakra ‘issues’ with pendulums. I must admit, I struggled with this but then when I switched pendants and used my necklace it worked!! I think Robert realised at this point that I may have had issues with believing in my abilities. Joanie also said to me that I am a very capable healer, I just need to believe it.

Day 4

Today we learnt how to clear entities and also how to protect ourselves whilst working on people.

I got to work with the lovely Lynne today. I had such a great connection with Lynne…I think it’s because we are very similar people. But anyway, as I mentioned, Lynne is a powerful psychic in training and oh my word, she had a message for me which I won’t go into detail with but she was spot on! I just wish she believed in herself more too…she doesn’t realise just how good she is right now and how amazing she can be! Lynne told me it’s also the same for me, she said she can feel I will be a great healer but I too need to believe it and practice!

Day 5

Removing entities, protection and sound healing! Wow, we have been learning so much and it’s all been absolutely fascinating!

The sound healing was pretty cool too. We all had a session at the Yoga Barn in town and then joined a workshop. Sound healing is wonderful! As you all know, music can tell a story and really transport your mind into ‘other’ places right….well, you can actually work on using the frequencies and vibrations of various instruments and sounds to alter your own frequencies. It’s really hard to explain but I highly recommend anyone to just go along and try something like this. It’s a real stress beater! I just love music anyway so I was really getting into it. When Shervin (the teacher) began getting all the instruments out, I suddenly felt as though I had become a kid again and was attending a music lesson back at school haha. Well, I got to play with singing Tibetan bowls, huge drums, rattly things, shakers and bells, it was so cool, I just loved it!

Later on in the evening, I went out for dinner with Lynne and met 3 of her other friends. We had such a good time! We actually went and watched some live music over at the Laughing Buddha which was a mix of Jimmy Hendrix and Bob Marley, ‘Yeh man’ !

Day 6

Saturday was all about psychic surgery and using protection mantras. This was fantastic…it really is more about getting right to the root of a physical problem and curing it once and for all. Pauline actually cured my Bali belly within the day and I had been suffering for near on 3 weeks!

After another fantastic day, Lynne and I (any my other new buddies) all met at CP Lounge (local club here) and danced the night away. Oh dear, I didn’t get back until 3am haha! It was worth it though, cutting up shapes on the dancefloor!

Day 7

Feeling super tired from our night of partying (hehe!), Sunday was to be our last training day…it was so sad because we had all gotten so close. Today was all about how to heal with our guides, soul retrieval and channeled healings. It was another superb day and to top it off, White Star and Robert gave us all such a wonderful graduation send off. We were all presented with certificates and a gorgeous smelling ‘flower necklace’ (can’t remember what they are called hah). We had all come so far and grown in our confidence as well as our abilities. I could certainly feel the change in myself πŸ˜€

But actually, even though we had all graduated, there was just one more day that we were invited to attend and I think it was this day that really awakened us all!

Blessings and Water Purification

So it’s Tuesday morning and the day we get to meet traditional Balinese healers and well, receive some healings! We were all so excited!

First up, Robert drove us to meet a 90yr old Pedanda named Ida Griya. It was a fascinating experience and such an honour to be in his presence. Ida Griya is extremely well known in his community for his work which includes healings and blessings. As soon as we were inside, we could see him praying and getting ready to bless us all. Sat in wait, we all watched in awe while Ida blessed the water, the flowers and singing in prayer. There was a slight breeze in the air that brushed past the many burning incense sticks which carried their strong flowery aromas right under our nostrils.

“Ok, you can come up now” Ida Griya’s wife ushered us over to see him. Ida was sitting above us on a raised platform (an alter I guess). Looking up at him, he began singing his prayers over us all and flicking water on our heads. Then one by one, he poured a large bowl of water over our heads! I felt a bit panicky at that point because the water is trickling into your eyes, up your nose, just everywhere haha. After the showering, Ida’s wife places a small cluster of rice on your forehead and then weaves 3 different flowers in your hair…you are then all blessed!

After this, we then all had lunch before visiting the High Priestess Maharishi…and Oh my word! She was amazing!

Maharishi is like a magic goddess to me! Now this experience, I really am going to keep private (booooo I hear you all chant in the background haha) but unless you experience her power, my words really won’t be able to even come close to expressing what you can feel.

What Maharishi basically does is clear you of any negative and stale energies that you may have kept hidden deep within. She will chant, meditate and then pour buckets and buckets of water over you to essentially ‘flush’ them out….and I’ll just tell you this…..after she purified me, I couldn’t stop laughing afterwards! I felt as though I had just been exorcised and then sucked on a bag load of laughing gas! I was giggling away for a long time, I just felt so happy! I highly recommend this over any spa day I tell thee! I really shared such a special moment with everyone there that day…walking back to the car looking like drenched rats, we were just all lost for words!

Final Goodbyes!

Wow, what can I say! I have come a long way on my journey but this trip really has changed my life! Everything that I have worried about, been stressed over or been held back by has well and truly been healed and flushed out by Ubud itself! I now know I was meant to come to Bali and stay in Ubud for personal growth as well as my training and development as a spiritual healer. I have learnt so much and been blessed to have shared it with the most amazing and awe-inspiring people I could ever meet! Our ‘Xmen’ class have all vowed to keep in touch and have some kind of reunion! It’s amazing how close to people you can become over a short space of time but we did go through so much together, it really was the most intense week!

And as for leaving Ubud….omg, I really don’t want to leave.Β  All the locals say Ubud has some kind of spell on all the travellers who have been lucky enough to come here….well, it’s certainly true for me as I was only thinking of staying for 2wks tops but fate had other ideas haha! When I am on that plane on Friday afternoon, it will really feel as though my mum’s just dropped me off at nursery school again…you know that feeling when you don’t want to let go of her hand *sighs!

Well, I must continue on with my journey but I shall never EVER forget what happened in magical, mystical Ubud! But I have promised myself that I will return. I would really like some more training from White Star to develop myself further so here’s hoping….I just need to get saving when I’m back to the UK haha!

So adieu adieu beautiful Bali….I arrived with nothing but came away with wonderful experiences that I will always treasure, life long friends and a new wisdom that only my Xmen friends will understand πŸ˜‰

Penang, here I come!

p.s. link to the course I did incase anyone reading this is also interested:


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One thought on “That Healing Feeling!

  1. Ah darling,

    This sounds amazing and so, so positive. I guess when you take a step back and start to the follow path with a good heart and the best intentions then the road rises up to meet you πŸ™‚

    Good luck with the next part of the trip.


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