Welcome to the Jungle!

As I sit here tapping away in Shazreens high rise flat, I can hear the hustle and bustle of KL below…car horns, traffic and people generally going about their way and in the mean time, over 9,000 miles away my Mum’s sitting at home alone on mothers day! It’s strange because Dunx and I would be quickly writing her mothers day card in the kitchen whilst waiting for the kettle to boil so we could bring her card, tea and pressies up! But not this year…no Dunx and no Helen so been quite a sad day this morning but must be more so for mama at home! A nice long skype call soon changes that and thank god for modern technology 😉

But the world still spins and this adventure has only just begun! I feel so carefree and can’t wait to uncover each day and see new sights to marvel and experience! It’s daunting but totally liberating leaving your job and just taking off with a half planned journey…it’s the blanks I can’t wait to fill in!

So this week has been half busy and half about relaxing. With sweltering temperatures and the miles you can cover walking per day, yup, your feet swell up no matter your age so you’ve got to spare time to rest too! In the ‘quiet’ times, I’ve been observing one of Shazreen’s part time jobs. Very interesting actually, she has 3 part time roles in all which keep her very busy; Sugar Bliss Wardrobe (which is her own business of marketing and selling children’s fashion), a cake baking service and her role with Kumon, who are providers of supplementary maths and english programmes (they provide private tutors etc)…there’s more on that one later..Here Shazreen is one of the partners and she will manage all the admin as well as look after parents queries / questions.. The cake making service is a great idea!  An online service where you can select and order a cake and have it delivered when you like (within reasonable time frames of course). This week Shazreen had 2 orders; A berry cheesecake and a summer fruit pavlova…yummy, she let us try some of the pavlova and it was so scrummy! Was nice to see the whole process..the order, the shopping for supplies and then the delivery!

So, as this post it titled ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ you’re probably wondering what that relates to exactly? I digress…60% of Malaysia is still covered by forest and it is currently the worlds largest producer of palm oil. Malaysia is home to some 15,500 species of higher plants, 746 birds, 300 mammals, 379 reptiles, 198 amphibians, and 368 species of fish….so a visit to one of these rainforests is a must right!

Jungle Fever! 

Saturday 9th March we all take a trip to Frim Kepong, a tropical flora and fauna. Wow, this place is amazing! Incredibly hot (as to be expected) but it’s a humid heat that engulfs your whole body so you can’t help but sweat! First thing I notice are the noises! Chirping, hissing, crickets, birds, monkeys the lot, it’s brimming with life! The whole jungle is chattering amoungst itself! It’s just like it is when you’re watching one of those wildlife programmes on TV!

So we head off towards the canopy….”Wait, isn’t that a monkey?!” Yeh, there he was, just shading himself underneath a huge leaf chomping away on something ‘foresty’ hah! While I’m still getting over the fact that monkeys live here wild and free (which of course they do hah!), they are very dangerous and must be avoided..we’re quite close to him and worry that he’ll ‘jump’ us hah! Managed to get a quick shot of him even though it is his bare behind, nevermind!

The Canopy can only be reached by hiking up a steep and rocky looking path 500 metres long…in this heat, it sounds rather challenging but up we go! Estimated time is 45 minutes to climb but it’s taken us more like an hour! Finally at the top with rather damp tshirts hah, we see the canopy bridge! It looks like something out of Indian Jones…COOL! Can’t believe we’re going to cross that, but hey ho, should be safe as houses right, or bridges!??

So I take my first step onto the rickety looking bridge. Seems ok, one foot in front of the other, no problem. You’ve got to make sure you’re leaving at least 2 planks in between you and the person in front, this immediately sets my imagination off…’So, does that mean it could break if we were to all huddle and cross together causing the bridge to snap and fall leaving us swinging like Indian Jones to the other side?’….And you’re back in the room! Got to get that day dream out of my head..So, focus on the view that’ll help….wow, I can see the whole of the forest below! I wish I could remember how high above sea level that sign back on the climb said we’d be! Blimey, I really feel so small next to all these trees, they are huge! Wait a second, look back down…..what’s supporting these planks? And some of them aren’t even tied together! Oh I see, there’s a ladder underneath them and a netting, phew, that should do it? ‘But when is the last time they serviced this canopy walk? They must have thousands of people pass through and slowly weaken it making it closer to eventually giving way?’  Again, back to reality, got to push these thoughts out of my mind! There are platform stops between each walk way so you can take photos (and a deep breath) before continuing! Finally made it to the end of the walk and we realise the whole things being held together by cable ties! Omg, I don’t think we would have attempted it if we had realised! So now it’s a long and sweaty walk back down the 500 metre rocky path, so much easier even though our legs feel wobbly and achy hah! Awesome! I loved it even though it’s scary when you’re on it!

So next weekend….guess what I’ll be doing!? Yep, another forest trek and an even longer canopy walk! So until then….

Hels Bels 😀

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