Markets and marriages!

Hey! So, not even been here for a week (typing this on Monday morning) and already feels like I’ve been here for ages! Time is whizzing by over here.

So where do I start? I think when I left you all last I was getting ready to visit a market (Friday morning) to get me a Baju to wear for the Malaysian wedding on Saturday. First up, we head to the local cafe for I have something which looks like a soft naan bread with a small pot of spicy sauce (yep, gotta get used to the spice, there’s a lot of it!) along with an orange juice…uh…there I am scooping it all out and chucking it on the floor ignoring the funny looks I’m getting! Then it’s off to the market!

The market is full of people all looking for a bargin, including myself of course. It felt like we were walking around for hours looking for the perfect Baju. I did find a lovely pink satin one but it had a nasty stain on the front, the shop keeper said I could have it for 45 Ringgits instead of 50 but we thought we’d try one more shop before giving in! Uh Oh, what’s that noise? A horrible screeching old hag sound…..Everyone looks down at my bag! Oh no, it’s Alisha, Shazreen’s little girl has pulled the tag out from my personal alarm! So funny! Well, at least we know it works! So tag back in…we promptly left that stall haha! Finally, found a gorgeous red and black one and it fits great! Feels so nice to wear, nice and airy in this heat! So I picked that one up for 50 Ringgits which is about a tenner! Then I found some flip flops to wear underneath, ok, so they’re pink but I can’t be fussy as there didn’t seem to be much choice on offer but then the Baju is so long, no one will notice it hah!

So with the Baju sorted, it’s now off for lunch at the mall…chicken and rice, nice! After this, we then visited  KL’s National Monument and also stopped at KL’s Twin Towers.

Saturday 2nd March – The Wedding!

Wow, what a busy day! Saturday morning we were all up at 7am and out by 8am. First stop, Shazreen’s Husbands parents house for early lunch. What a nice bunch of people! They didn’t really speak any english but words were not needed for them to make me feel so very welcomed. We had a nice lunch of rice and chicken followed by a very sweet tasting tea. It’s funny because they are used to eating with their hands but they offered me a spoon for my rice and asked Shazreen if this was the first time I’d eaten rice before haha! They were also curious to know why I wasn’t married at my age hah! After lunch, I got changed into my Baju and it felt great! Right, time to head off to the Malaysian wedding! On the way out of the rents house, we’re saying our goodbyes and there on the wall sits a monkey!! “OMG, it’s a monkey!!” haha…again, it’s like I’ve never seen one before, well, only in the zoo of course but jeez a real life monkey casually chilling out in the front garden! Shazreen said they are dangerous as they bite so I’m quick to get a few snaps before we get in the car!

Wow, so we’ve arrived at the wedding and my god it is so hot! With dewy faces, we all go in to meet everyone. The wedding is actually outside but under a canopy / gazebo or whatever it is called but that doesn’t seem to keep the heat at bay. We walk in and it feels like all eyes are on me…being the pasty looking english, it was probably a bit of a shock for them all hah! Shazreen said it is a privilege for me to be invited to a Muslim wedding but also for them to have someone ‘different’ attend! So tradition is you go straight into the house to meet the bride and wish her well…first up, you greet the family and shake their hands, then you are ushered in to the brides bedroom to meet her. Wow, she looks stunning in her pink and white Baju wedding dress! The bride mentions something to Shazreen…”Is she French?!”  haha…no no! From the good ole’ UK. She allows me to have my photo taken with her before leaving the room. Again, you pass the family on the way out but they hand you 3 gifts…a hard boiled egg presented in a decorative pouch, a small glass bowl with chocolate dipped strawberries inside and a bag of small snacks like crisps etc. And before you ask, the hard-boiled egg denotes healthy children and new beginnings. So the music begins, drumming and chanting as the groom arrives at the house. The groom waits at the front of the house by the gates and the bride will come out and meet him…then they walk back into the house together. The actual wedding is fairly similar in the fact they exchange vows and then cut the cake but the bride and groom will feed each other – their first meal together. Then afterwards we all eat together in the garden – I had beef and noodle soup and chrysanthemum tea! We all signed their good luck card before leaving…I’m wondering if I should sign in Malay so instead I put…”Good Luck from the English girl, Helen!” I’m guessing that way they will remember me hah!

After the wedding

So after the wedding it’s a long drive back home to pack our overnight bags as we are staying at Shazreens Dads house. Omg, I wonder if he will remember me! I’m a bit nervous but looking forward to it too. Once we’re there, we pull up outside some electric gates and pull up on the drive. Wow, yes, they are remember me and I remember them too apart from the younger sister! So we’re all chatting about my stay in Malaysia and start the BBQ…chicken, lamb and sausages. I crashed about 10pm as it had felt a really long day for me and the heat once again, beat me to resigning in for bed! In the morning we had some brekkie. Now forgive me for the way I’m abouts to describe this but there is no other way I can hah…brekkie consisted of a sugary donut, a small chewy green ball covered in coconut shavings with a brown liquid centre (which I was told was brown sugar) along with something that looked like a white gel…inside of this was a green coloured gel…tasted ok actually but all I can describe this as was very sweet! I left the green chewy ball thingie as I wasn’t keen on this so washed it all down with a hot chocolate!

So we say our goodbyes and then go off to visit the local forest although we get there to find it’s closed for renovating! So plan B, we then head for KL to visit KL’s Tower at Menara Place. Wow, the tower is HUGE! One of the tallest communication towers in the world. On the way in, we see traditional dancers, souvenir shops, food stalls oh and an animal zoo place…outside of this, you can have your photo taken with an Iguana for 2 RM’s which is about 50p so of course, was rude not to haha….I know my Dad will love that one haha!

Inside the tower you literally get in the lift, zoom to the top with your ears a’ popping as it’s so high and admire the view! You can pretty much see the whole of KL up here!!

Then back down we go to hit the mall for some lunch…mmm Thai noodles and chicken for about a quid 75! Right, now it’s time to hit China Town!!

China town is a great place! Very very busy, full of tourists! Have actually seen quite a few English people! Being typically british, we just exchange a smile but no words are spoken hah! Also seen a few fellow back-packers…hmmm…their packs look smaller than mine, maybe I’m carrying too much! Oh well, I’ll worry about that when I am actually on the road in 3wks time!!

So China Town is a bit like (and for those of you who know it) a HUGE Blackbushe market! Plenty of bargins and a mix of fake watches, perfumes and so called designer gear! There are an array of smells, some nice, some not so nice but your nose soon adjusts and ‘deals’ with it!

“You want DVD? I got DVD. Come to my shop, I got shop” Yes, they really do sound like the character from FoneJacker (again, a reference for those who know it!) This is actually pretty annoying, around every corner of the market you are approached for ‘Dvds’ actually have to be straight to the point or else they start to follow you. Shazreen and I did laugh because one of the men thought we were following him but we managed to slip down a side alley and fox him haha, was quite funny actually! So being polite really doesn’t wash in this place, if you show any ‘niceness’, it’s almost like a vulture spotting an easy meal….so it’s ok to shout no hah!

So I purchase a baggy Hawaiian looking shirt for about a quid 75.  It’s far too hot out here to be wearing tight fitting clothes so I think I will buy some more like this and ditch all my tops along the way!

Phew, righto..I will log off for now but message again when I have the chance to get back online. Not sure what the plans are from here but I know one evening we will be visiting KL Twin Towers at night as they are all lit up so that will be an experience. We may also try visit an Orang Utan centre if it’s not too far!

Laters, Hels Bels x

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