Readdy hits Malaysia!

So here I am! A Readdy in Malaysia! I always knew I wanted to travel but just didn’t realise when this dream could ever have the chance of coming true! So SO proud of myself for actually growing a pair and getting myself out into the big wide world hah!

Wednesday morning was so difficult! The realization of it all had only really kicked in AT the airport ha! It was such a scary thought knowing that once my Mum and Nana’s had gone…that was it…I would be all on my todd!! So after a very hard and teary goodbye, me and my streaky make up’d face proceed to go through all the security checks.

Finally sitting on the plane, that was it, I was blubbing like a baby, oh dear! Pulled myself together and checked out the movies, after all, I had at least 13hrs to kill! Wow, I’d always been told Singapore Airlines are fantastic and yes, I can also now vouch for this! Firstly, the air hostesses are so beautiful! Tiny and petite women with perfect make up! I feel as though I have been instantly transported to China lol. They are very sweet. They give you a blanket, pillow, toothbrush and toothpaste oh and some flight socks. Ok, so movies, hmmm….managed to watch; Pitch Perfect, Ted, The House at the end of the street and the New Ice Age movie hah! The food is pretty yummy too…lots of noodles and rice and beef with an array of your usual drinks – unusually I’ve been avoiding any of the alcoholic ones and opted for orange juice and waters! It was very strange looking out the window at 4.30pm to see it was pitch black!! I’m guessing it was gone midnight thier time by that point!

So I arrive at Singapore to the slight problem that I’ve missed my connecting flight to KL! Not my fault though, the plane was late arriving so they couldn’t wait! That’s ok though, all was sorted for me before I’d even touched down so another tiny, petite Asian lady told me where to go and the flight details etc and even gave me a voucher for a free lunch woo hoo!

Thursday 28th @ 11.15am touched down in KL! Wow, it is SO hot! I can feel it more here than I did getting off at Singapore! It’s the kind of heat that with each breath you take in is just feels like hot air minus the oxygen! So after passing through, I get my passport stamped with a 90 days tourist visa and then I go find my backpack!

“Helen”…..I recognize Shazreens voice! She’s spotted me before I’ve seen her. Lovely to see her standing there with her 2 lil bambinos (who are very cute btw!) and they warmly welcome me to KL. We then drove for about an hour and a half to Selangor….oh but first stop….Maccy Dee’s hahah! So funny, my first meal in Malaysia, yep, a quarter pounder with cheese, was much needed though. Then as soon as I got to Shazreens pad, I unloaded what I needed and literally crashed from 3pm until about 10pm ish. Then I sat down for a meal with them…yummy sticky rice and beef soup.

Friday morning we are all getting up at 8am to visit the local market! Really looking forward to that because we are looking for an outfit for me! I’ve been invited to a Malaysian wedding this Saturday followed by a BBQ! I can’t wait to dive into their culture and it will be so special to witness a Malaysian wedding…I’m sure I will have a tone of photos to show you all.

I am actually sat here typing away feeling very wide awake and alert at 3:30AM ha! I’m sure I will get into the pattern of it soon though. I really must try to get some kip so I can be up for 8am so tarrah for now! Photos to follow soon I promise!

I’ll leave you with this song which I am loving at the moment! I find it is very apt for me right now! Oh and a few photos which I have just received via email from Mama of me checking in etc haha!

Hels Bels xx

back pack checking in airport going

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