Readdy to fly?! Panic more like!!

OH my goodness!! (would have put OMG but I have completely worn that out this week at home!)

Well, well, so I fly tomorrow morning and have only just started to pack! Yep, Helen never ever Readdy of course, family trait I’m afraid hah! To give you an idea…my Thai visa was literally applied for on Wednesday 20th Feb and issued Friday 22nd! Argh! PHEWIE!

Anyways, so last min visa rushed through, picked up the last of my travel shopping list and just got to rush off to take some more passport photos to pack for further visa’s at the borders of Cambodia and Laos!

Righto, this is very very short and sweet but you can imagine it really is panic stations to the max over here now….clothes, gadgets, gizmo’s, the practicals ALL over the floor hah!

Thought I’d leave you with this funny photo though….I am officially, unofficially married for this adventure! Hopefully that should warn off any unwanteds on my trip hah! And yes, I have just been told I have them the wrong way round….noted thank you hah!

Next post….MALAYSIA whoop whoop!

Hels Bels 🙂 x


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One thought on “Readdy to fly?! Panic more like!!

  1. Gary Oldfield

    Hi Helen, have a truly amazing time and look forward to hearing of your adventures. Gazza x

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