Readdy for the count down!

Wow….so my long awaited dream to travel is nearly upon us! (Wednesday 27th Feb 2013 to be precise!). I can’t believe it, is this really happening? Yes, yes it is and it’s too late to back out now!

Flights are booked, equipment is coming along nicely and with both arms feeling like 2nd hand dart boards, yep, all jabs have finally been adminstered! Oh crap, Malaria tablets next on the list amoung a few others bits and bobs! Even those are complicated! You have to chose between 2 different types: Doxycycline’s (I call these Doxies) or Malarone’s (Maleries!) Then you need to work out where you are going, is there a risk of Malaria and if so, how long you are there for will determine how many pills you must take!  Must remember to get plenty of socks too…yes, that time when you really are thankful for the bundle you unwrap at Christmas time; ‘To Helen, from the tree!’ hasn’t been fruitful in the sock department this year haha so just a little added extra I must put on my kit list.

Cor there really is so much you need to think about and it’s proving very expensive but of course, you can’t just go away with the ‘basics’  For example (and thus so far), my kit list has included things like: Bug repellent (a tube for my pale casper like skin that will no doubt still prove a very delectable 3 course mozzie dinner!), bug repellent for clothing and shoes (yep, they too may be at risk of a bite or two!), door alarms to attacker alarms which I’m curious to test….my personal alarm is meant to sound like a shrieking old hag which can be heard for miles hah! Well, there will be no messing with me that’s for sure! Hmm, so back to the kit list: a fancy water bottle which includes a magic filter that enables you to drink even the dirtiest of waters! Wow, how does this work? Without being a scientist, the complicated diagrams on the description have sold me…this molecule does that and then turns into this, amazing! If only Prof Brian Cox could just run me through it! And hang on, why don’t we have this all fitted to the taps in our own homes?! Well, the part where I was sold in the shop was by the cashier giving me this top selling line “You can even scoop up some of the Thames and then drink straight from the bottle!” A – mazing! Although I certainly wasn’t going to try but hey ho, in the basket it goes cha ching!

Argh, my kit list is simply too long to list you know…apart from the main things such as a wicked back pack that is specifically designed for women (yes, it’s meant to move with the swish of ladies hips!), some heavy duty hiking boots which to my horror, are size 8’s!! (apparantly boots come up different, but yes, a shock to my usual size 6!), a fancy solar panel charger for charging the electricals on the move (I know, it’s all about the gadgets and gizmo’s!), tick tweezers which I am really hoping I will NOT have to use, right through to secret money stash purses! I have sourced 2 of these, one is an over the arm pouch (a cross over) which sits nicely under the armpit hah and the other one, well, it kind of clips to your trousers but on the inside of them so there will be no chance of anyone getting either!

Wow, tapping away and I’ve not even left the country yet and this is only the beginning! Well, let me rest your eyes and save an update for another day!

Hels Bels 🙂

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